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Spending time in the fresh, sea air on board a sailing yacht, you can not only admire the magnificent sea views, but also get a huge boost of strength and energy. Now everyone has the opportunity to experience these inexpressible sensations. You just need to buy a boat or yacht. Due to the fact that yachting is very popular all over the world, we have a very large range of boats of various configurations, sizes and parameters.

Find sailboats for sale and buy them – a dream that has ceased to be unrealistic. New and used yachts for sale by owner – comfortable and functional. The reliability and efficiency of classic and cruising yachts allow you to take long sea voyages without worrying about fuel and possible engine breakdowns. An additional advantage of sailboats is the absence of vibrations and noise.

Catamarans and trimarans occupy a leading position in the charter tourism industry. The catamaran has a slight drawdown of the hull, which will allow you to get closer to hard-to-reach places and swim in shallow water. The design of the vessel ensures maximum safety and does not tilt during navigation. Buy a used sailboat or buy a catamaran – it’s up to you.

These high-speed motor boats for sale are highly mobile, regardless of wind direction and speed. Flybridge yachts are equipped with powerful diesel engines. On a flybridge yacht, you can enjoy sea travel while sunbathing in the open air. You can always find a motor yacht for sale by owner, new or used in excellent condition, on our website.
Are you planning to buy a motor yacht in Greece? Open yachts and hardtop models are real sea predators for which there are no barriers. They provide economical fuel consumption and high-speed performance. The attractive price of motor boats by owner, open or with hardtop, will be an excellent reason to purchase a reliable vessel for the most daring travels.
Purchasing a motorboat is always a special event, even for a very wealthy person. Having this watercraft, you can not only plunge into the mysterious world of adventure but also increase your own status in the eyes of others. We offer to buy a beautiful yacht at an affordable price.
Many people believe that you only need to buy a new yacht. However, buying a used yacht means purchasing a time-tested vessel. All its possible shortcomings were identified and corrected by the former owner. If you are afraid that the boat has any internal or hidden damage, contact a surveyor who will conduct a professional technical inspection of the yacht you are purchasing.

In addition to the reliability of a used boat, the savings you receive are a huge benefit. Buying a used yacht means saving money and enjoying your sea voyage!

Find Your Dream Boat

What type of boat requires the least maintenance?

What type of boat requires the least maintenance?

Experience has shown that the best boat is the one on the market within your budget that is ready to go.
What size of boat is the best to live on?

Tips For Buying A Used Boat

Buying a used boat tips: Involve the family, Determine the price, A thorough inspection of your boat, Preparing the contract, Signatures, Payment, Insurance
Important Tips

How do I pick my first boat?

When buying a boat, consider the following points:

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LookBoat provides the widest selection of catamarans, boats and yachts for sale with photo and video reviews. At the database you can find the huge choice of boats and yachtsworldwide, the variety of data presents bothe used boats and new yachts.


Sell Your Used Boat

An excellent yacht is an perfect way to emphasize your status and taste. If you decide to become the owner of a catamaran or a boat, you just need to look through the catalog on our portal and choose the option you like for sailing yachts and catamarans for sale, based on the price category, functionality, design, type of vessel and manufacturer.

Owning an exceptional yacht is an unparalleled statement of both your status and refined taste. If you are contemplating becoming the proud owner of a catamaran or boat, our website provides an extensive catalog that simplifies your search for the ideal sailing yacht or catamaran for sale. Navigating through our catalog allows you to explore various options, considering factors such as price category, functionality, design, vessel type, and manufacturer. Whether you are evaluating what is my boat worth to sell or looking to sell your boat fast, our platform is designed to cater to your needs. The seamless interface ensures a user-friendly experience, providing comprehensive information to help you make an informed decision about your next vessel. Explore the possibilities and find the perfect yacht that meets your requirements and aligns with your vision of a luxury and adventure-filled maritime lifestyle.

This is a significant step that helps streamline the sailboat-selling process and ensures maximum benefit for the owner by eliminating numerous third-party brokers.

We will deal with the sale of your yacht and coordinate all stages of this process:

  • Placing advertisements for the sale of a yacht on relevant resources;
  • Distribution of information about the yacht through its database;
  • Communication with potential buyers;
  • Conducting yacht shows;
  • Organization of negotiations.

We help our clients achieve their goal of selling a yacht most effectively.


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