C&C Yachts

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Founded in 1969 by sailor George Cuthbertson and designer George Kassian, C&C Yachts embarked on its journey to excellence. Over time, the company expanded its shareholder base, welcoming renowned Canadian yachtsman Perry Connolly into the fold. This collaboration ushered in an era of innovation, with the American shipyard pioneering new sailboat data production technologies, including vessels featuring cork hulls coated with fiberglass.

In recent years, C&C Yachts transitioned under the ownership of US Watercraft while maintaining its commitment to crafting exceptional boats. The shipyard’s diverse portfolio includes both sailing and motor models, with its sailboats revered as classics that have left an indelible mark on the history of yacht building. Today, C&C Yachts continues its legacy of excellence, delivering vessels that blend timeless design with cutting-edge technology.