Boat charters

Imagine dining on the deck of a luxury private yacht overlooking the volcano of Santorini. Imagine snorkeling with your family among the underwater reefs and caves of the Caribbean islands, exploring the wildlife of the Norwegian fjords, shopping in luxury boutiques in Capri, or watching the supercar race in Monte Carlo from the deck of your private yacht.


Do you agree that boat charters near me sound tempting? Visualize secluded white beaches shaded by huge coconut palms, secluded coves accessible only from the water, or wild islands rising straight out of crystal clear turquoise waters. How about an invigorating morning swim in the Aegean Sea followed by lunch in the old center of Dubrovnik?

Whatever location you think of, French Riviera, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Caribbean boat charters, Indian Ocean, and maybe Norwegian fjords. Whatever you choose: a leisurely secluded holiday, active sports, sightseeing or glamorous parties, we will select the ideal yacht and a unique itinerary created especially for you.

BVI boat charters are an exclusive way to explore the world and enjoy a unique travel experience at your own pace. Just think: 71% of the surface of the globe is covered with water – after all, this is endless space for new fantastic discoveries! There is no more convenient and relaxing way to explore the horizons with luxury yacht charters.

You will discover a whole new level of comfort on board your charter yacht, thanks to the impeccable service of the professional crew of party boat charters.

While relaxing during Bahamas boat charters, you will freely get to the most secluded places on the planet. There are countless activities for you, your family, and friends on board, on land, or in the water, as well as a huge variety of gourmet dishes that can be enjoyed on deck or in restaurants ashore.

Whatever itinerary you choose with super yacht charters: explore the Mediterranean with its stunning picturesque Greek islands, bustling Turkish markets, or the glamorous parties of Cote d’Azur; bask in the warm azure waters of the Bahamas or explore the mysterious lands of New England – with private boat charters, your vacation will be truly unforgettable.

A wide selection of luxury boat charters from the best shipbuilders, experienced crews and competitive prices is a reason to contact us and go on perhaps the best trip of your life. So, where do you plan to go? We are ready to implement your dreams.

Freedom and privacy

On catamaran charters Belize, you are away from the hustle and bustle of the city and feel like you have your own space, even in the busiest areas.

New unique places

With private catamaran charters, you will build your route like a real explorer, every day discovering new places that can only be reached by sea.

Unforgettable impressions

Every day, you wake up in a new picturesque lagoon. You can explore beautiful beaches, enter cozy coves, or discover new islands.


Take part in steering a yacht, dive under the water near coral reefs, and then go on foot to explore the uninhabited island. private yacht charters will not let you get bored!


Boat charters Greece provide the opportunity to plunge into the world of luxury and comfort. The smell of the sea, white sails, sunsets, sunrises. If you are looking for a romantic getaway, this is it!

Holidays for every taste

Complete relaxation on board a comfortable yacht or exploring new places, snorkeling, swimming in open water, and observing marine life – these are the advantages that are inherent in a vacation on a yacht.

Yacht charters

A sailing yacht is probably the type of vessel that offers the most authentic sailing experience, an incredible option for true sailing enthusiasts or simply those who want to experience real adventures on board!

Sailboats for charter

Contrary to popular belief, sail boat charters do not have to be expensive. For this reason, we offer you a variety of offers for all-inclusive yacht charters, meeting all the desires and needs of travelers: the platform offers different sizes of yachts, different numbers of cabins, guests, power, and shipyards.

Catamaran Charters

Catamaran charter is much more than renting a regular yacht. Two hulls turn the cruise into a surprisingly comfortable and enjoyable journey. Two families or a large group of friends can accommodate on board with all the amenities without interfering with each other at all. The spacious deck provides plenty of space for adults to relax and unwind. The capacity of the catamaran allows you to take on board significant reserves of water and fuel, which will allow you to enter the port less frequently during luxury catamaran charters.

Cataraman rental for charter

In terms of comfort level, Greek island catamaran charters can be compared to a country house launched on the water. Spacious cabins, an open salon, and a spacious cockpit, combined with the oncoming waves at arm’s length – what else is needed for a good rest. Another advantage of Bahamas catamaran charters is good stability. On it, even passengers suffering from seasickness will not notice any motion. The relatively small keel allows you to come almost close to the shore and anchor in a shallow bay, where no one will disturb you to enjoy the solitude and silence.

Cruise ships can be found in any part of the world’s oceans. But if you choose catamaran charter, then these double-hulled boats are most popular in the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, as well as in Greece, Turkey, Croatia, and Malta. This preference for Caribbean catamaran charters is due to the peculiarities of the coastal topography of the seabed and the large number of anchorages and moorings. There is no need to book a place in the marina in advance or overpay at the pier for the impressive dimensions of the vessel. Thanks to its shallow draft, the catamaran can easily pass over coral reefs and in shallow water.

The formula of a perfect holiday at sea – private yacht charters!

You don’t have to own your own sailing boat or motorboat to go on an exciting journey. Yacht charters are available both for experienced sailors who can easily handle a yacht themselves and for those who go to sea for the first time but with their own personal captain.

A private beach or an unusual sea voyage – you choose the format of your vacation!

We organize exclusive yacht charters in such a way that you meet your vacation deadlines while visiting the maximum number of interesting countries, cities, and islands. Organizing tours on a yacht is not limited to the route and sightseeing of coastal cities. We will fill your trip with events that interest you – fishing, diving, sports competitions, visiting the most romantic bays and bays, national festivals, and cuisine.

You can choose a motor or sailing yacht for a private boat charter and use the services of our skippers, cooks, and other personnel.

In accordance with the purpose of organizing a sailboat charter, we select the region of travel, plan the route, select the type of yacht, and, if necessary, the crew. Scheduling a yacht charter should happen in advance; the sooner you contact us, the more likely it is that your expectations regarding a yacht trip will be implemented in every detail. Vacations on a yacht have become increasingly popular since travel is always a search and experience of new emotions and impressions.

So, why charter a sailing yacht? 

If you’re looking for a new adventure on your next vacation, Caribbean yacht charters are an opportunity not to be missed! A sailing yacht that is ideal for family holidays will allow you to experience the sea from a unique perspective! 

Regardless of what sail boat charters you choose – with or without a skipper, during the trip you will learn the basic techniques of sailing a sailing vessel. Whether it’s simple observation or full participation, the experience on a sailing yacht is too intense and compelling for anyone to afford to stay away. The excitement of rocking waves, changeable wind, raising the sail – all this will turn your sailing into an unforgettable adventure!

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