Bruce Roberts

Bruce Roberts sailboats for sale

Established by architect Bruce Roberts in 1966 in Brisbane, Australia, BRUCE ROBERTS initially thrived under his leadership before expanding into the United States with a dedicated division. Renowned for crafting bespoke vessels tailored to individual designs conceptualized by the founder, the shipyard has left an indelible mark on the global yacht-building landscape over its 50-year existence.

Utilizing materials ranging from steel and aluminum to fiberglass and beyond, BRUCE ROBERTS has launched a diverse array of boats, each bearing the hallmark of Roberts’ pioneering design ethos. From motor yachts to sailing vessels spanning various sizes, the shipyard’s sailboat data encompasses a broad spectrum of maritime pursuits.

While the company’s legacy includes the creation of unique yacht designs previously unseen in the industry, BRUCE ROBERTS has evolved its focus in recent years to prioritize the production of fiberglass yachts, adapting to meet the evolving demands of modern yachting enthusiasts.