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Frequently asked questions

Our site is a perfect place to place ads for selling yachts. We will help you quickly sell your boat at the price you want. We understand how important a quick sale can be. Therefore, we focus on promoting your sailboat on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, ensuring maximum visibility of the boat for sale, and using media support.

The amount you pay for an ad is spent solely on promoting your particular boat.

Every month we expand the lists of our clients’ yachts for sale, update and advertise them, which helps to increase traffic to our site and constantly ensures an influx of new buyers. Each advertisement contains a detailed description of the boat – from the brand, model, and supplies to the engine characteristics and the list of installed equipment.

Try to use the boat manufacturer’s specifications. Be sure to include exact dimensions, onboard equipment, number of engines and engine hours, tank capacity, accessories, equipment, and brand names. Find the best collection of boats for sale on LookBoat and filter by type, length, asking price, or age. Narrow your results by selecting specific features, or browse by speed, design, and more.

A bill of sale is a contract used to transfer ownership of a boat from the seller to the buyer. The contract must be signed by both parties and may also require:

  • A witness’ signature;
  • The approval/signature of the lender to finance the boat;
  • In some cases, notarization.

Usually, the bill of sale is not completed and signed until after the seller has transferred the watercraft to the buyer and the buyer has remitted the payment to the seller.

The Look Boat resource can help you find the most boat buyers in your area. This includes all types of boat buyers interested in a wide variety of boat types and price ranges, large or small. For aspiring boat owners looking for a boat for sale, we have compiled a great selection of sailing yachts and catamarans for sale from all over the world.

The Look Boat resource will help you find the best deals in your area and real buyers that meet your expectations. No matter what size, type, price of your boat, we offer a wide range of potential buyers.

About 81% of boats listed for sale by owners on Look Boat are sold within 12 weeks. Many factors affect how long it may take to sell your boat. These factors include the quality of your boat listing.