Arcoa Yachts

Arcoa-Jouet sailboats for sale

Founded in 1947 by the Couach family, renowned yacht builders with a heritage in the industry, Arcoa Yachts is a distinguished French shipyard. Situated in Lorient, France, near the shores of the Bay of Biscay, the production facilities have been a hub for crafting exquisite vessels for decades. The Arcoa Yachts sailboat data encompasses a diverse range of five boats, spanning from classic ’50s-style runabouts to contemporary 18-meter hardtop yachts. Additionally, the shipyard specializes in producing elegant and luxurious lobster boats, gozzos, designer motor yachts, and open models.
Nearly 70 years since its inception, Arcoa Yachts remains true to the foundational principles set forth by its founders: style, quality, and comfort. This steadfast commitment ensures that each vessel, crafted with precision and expertise, embodies the timeless essence of luxury on the water.