Endurance 35 boat for sale

35 ft
Kvicksund, Sweden
Endurance 35 boat for sale

I am now selling my Endurance 35, a ketch from 1982 with Ferrocement hull due to lack of time for its maintenance.

The engine is a Perkins 50 hp diesel. Sails are available (don’t know the brand though).
The mast is made of aluminium.

Sold cheap as there is some superficial rust on the engine, some need for renovation of the tires and the equipment. The interior is in some need of renovation and an overhaul of the electricity.

I bought this boat 7 years ago with thoughts of a long sail. However, the time never existed as I live in Stockholm and the boat is in Kvicksund. So I haven’t had time to learn much about the boat and may have difficulty answering very specific questions. So better come and have a look.

The cost of the marina site is approx. 15,000 per year.

The boat is currently on land and can be sold immediately.

Status: The boat is sold
If you are a new owner and want to put up your boat for sale contact us- this is possible!
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  • Alan McEwan Goss
    January 26, 2023 11:59 am

    I am interested in this boat but have many questions. If I were to purchase her, I would have to sail her some 16 000 nautical miles from her present location, around and across the North Sea, across the south Atlantic, around the cape aghulas and Indian Ocean to the east coast of South Africa. While what one can see of the hull looks in fair condition, what would it take to get the boat ready to make such a journey? This raises many questions – are both masts and booms in good condition, the sheaves, cleats and winches. Water, fuel and back water tanks? What is the interior configuration? Galley, berths/cabins, etc… how firm are you on the price?


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