48 feet steel boat built by Wienfried Woelke in Germany in 1992

48 ft
Fredrikstad, Norway

The boat Escapade and London was built by Wienfried Woelke in Germany in 1992. This is a steel boat.
It was bought in Greece in 2018, and has been used by the owner as a year-round houseboat. It has been used in the Archipelago around Hvaler in the summer months.

The boat is being sold as part of an estate, as the owner passed away in August 2022. There is some documentation about the boat, but the executor has no knowledge of what was done on the boat by the owner. There are bow trusters. It was released in Engelsviken in April 2021. The boat is in the river in Fredrikstad. Viewing by appointment.

A lot of equipment is included if the buyer wants this. This is in a warehouse with the trustee

Status: The boat is sold
If you are a new owner and want to put up your boat for sale contact us- this is possible!
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