2006 Bavaria 42 Cruiser

42 ft
Fornebu, Norway

Our pleasant and spacious Bavaria 42 Cruiser sailboat with which we have had many nice trips, is for sale. A fantastic boat to go on a journey with for a longer time and, at the same time, just as pleasant for short afternoon and weekend trips. The boat is also a good starting point to rig up for a long-distance boat/circumnavigation. With full tanks and all equipment on board, it weighs approx. 10.8-11 tonnes and sails steadily and well in all kinds of weather.

The good ceiling height above everything in the boat, the many zones to stay in, and the spaciousness in width and length means that everyone is comfortable overtime on the trip. Aft, it is easy to get on board, and two steering wheels allow easy access to the cockpit.

The hull feels quite insulating on cool days. And if you are in a noisy port, it is still quiet in the cabins.


Large cockpit table with fold-out sides and storage in the middle. A cockpit tent that goes up to the steering wheel (not over the steering wheel) makes it easy to have the tent up even during sailing on cool days.

Furling mainsail and furling foresail, where everything is operated from the cockpit, makes sail handling easy and safe if there are only a few people on board.

Plenty of space for a dinghy either under the boom or in front of the mast.

Mattresses have been sewn for the cockpit benches and as sunbeds on the foredeck.

Bathing platform with bathing ladder and shower with hot and cold water.


Large, full-fledged map table. Plenty of space to plan and work from a PC. Instrument data is available via iPad. You can also connect your PC/Mac to the boat’s network via USB to receive satellite and AIS data. Communication between the chart table and steering position is possible via VHF, which also has an intercom function.

Lounge with plenty of room for many people around the table. The light teak, with plenty of windows and skylights, gives a bright and nice atmosphere. TV with a digital antenna, DVD player, and Apple TV also turn the lounge into a nice sofa area.

All spotlights and bench lighting are LED and require little battery power.

Galley with gas stove, two burners, and oven. Double sink in the bench and built-in 130 L cooler and 42 liter fridge. Both have a small freezer section.

Two double aft cabins. Both with mattress toppers, spacious cupboards with both shelves and hangers. Bathroom with separate shower, toilet, and sink aft.

Cabin in a bow with double bed with mattress topper, spacious cupboards with shelves and hangers, and excellent storage in cupboard doors around the entire bed. Bow bathroom with sink with shower option and toilet.

Easy access to the engine room from both aft cabins and by lifting the ladder


A complete maintenance log has been kept for everything that has been done on the boat since I bought it late in 2016, and the log can follow. It gives a good indication of the condition and what maintenance points are relevant throughout the year. All documentation and instructions for use on the boat’s technical equipment have been taken care of and are included.

Engine oil, gear oil, filters, coolant, impeller, anodes, hull, drive/propeller/propeller shaft are maintained at fixed intervals. The boat last received bottom material, anodes, and polishing in June 2021. In 2022, the boat has been thoroughly washed and taken up and high-pressure washed/refined as well as anodes have been polished and the drive/propeller sprayed.

The rudder bearing, drive bellows, and engine damper plate were changed in 2017 (major job).

Gas system review 2017 and changed to ‘forever’ metal hoses at each end. New reduction valve 2021.

The previous owner reported no groundings, and the boat has not run aground in my ownership either. The boat has an iron keel that can rust a little, but this got better after fitting an anode. The keel was sandblasted and the fabric redone in 2017. The hull has a blue-painted copper-based bottom fabric and may need some stripping in some places if you want a smoother surface.

The Bavarian blue stripe around the superstructure is somewhat dull. It can probably be polished or wet sanded and become quite good, see the recipe at the Bavaria club.

Sails and most halyards and joints are from the year the boat was built but have been well taken care of. Joints for the foresail have been changed. Sails and ropes have been taken in, adjusted and, if necessary, washed. Mast and standing rigging were readjusted/tightened using a lift in 2021 (self-check according to Seldén’s manual).

Known bugs:

Corrosion on the rudder sleeve should eventually be replaced. It will be relevant to change the rudder bearing at the same time. Made some measures as recommended by Bærum plastservice 2021.

The rudder has some blisters, which are plastic plaque, and small damage at the bottom from before my ownership. Assessed by Bærum plastservice in 2021, not to be of great importance, can be observed.

Gas stove, safety valve (magnet) on one burner was slow last season, but it works.

Small fridge with slightly variable cooling (cool box mainly used)

The deck light is defective (new cable must be pulled)

The rubber dinghy leaks some air from the inflatable bottom

Some scratches at the top of the gelcoat around the mooring attachment port aft

I have set a price that I believe reflects faults, defects, and the boat’s age. It is important to me that the new owner is well aware of the condition and what a large boat entails in terms of the ongoing need for service and maintenance and thoroughly inspects the boat itself.

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