2000 Andromeda MAC 12 catamaran 42 feet for sale

42 ft
Greece, Lefkada
2000 Andromeda MAC 12 catamaran 42 feet for sale

The Andromeda MAC 12 catamaran is a remarkable vessel known for its impressive size, sleek design, and Italian craftsmanship. This 12.85-meter long and 7.85-meter wide catamaran was built in the year 2000 by the renowned Italian shipyard Andromeda. The Polish registration allows its owner to travel the EU seas.

One of the notable features of the Andromeda MAC 12 is its reliable power source. It is equipped with two 80-horsepower Lamborghini turbo engines, which were installed in 2013. These engines have amassed a relatively low usage with only 1317 to 1325 hours, ensuring that they have many more hours of cruising left. This power duo guarantees a smooth and efficient journey, providing both reliability and performance.
The Andromeda MAC 12 catamaran has an option of self-drive, offering the owner a sense of freedom and control over their maritime adventures. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a novice captain, this catamaran makes it easy to navigate the seas with confidence.

The catamaran’s construction is equally impressive, featuring a Kevlar frame. Kevlar is renowned for its strength and durability, making this vessel capable of withstanding the challenges of the open sea. It ensures that the Andromeda MAC 12 remains structurally sound and can handle varying weather conditions, providing peace of mind to those on board.

In terms of accommodations, the Andromeda MAC 12 is designed to provide comfort and convenience. It boasts four toilets and four cabins, offering ample space for guests and crew alike. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or hosting a group of friends, this catamaran has the capacity to cater to your needs.

While the Andromeda MAC 12 is a formidable vessel with many admirable qualities, it is worth noting that it may require some small investments to ensure it remains in optimal condition. Regular maintenance and occasional upgrades are common for boats of this caliber, but with the right care and attention, it will continue to offer exceptional experiences on the water.

Whether you’re looking to explore new horizons or simply relax in style, the Andromeda MAC 12 is a capable and impressive choice for maritime enthusiasts.

Status: The boat is sold
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