Are boats a good investment?

Are boats a good investment?

Boats should not be seen as an investment – they are chattels, a luxury item, the value of which falls by about 10% a year. Buying a boat is a serious purchase that requires a lot of effort and expense. If you are not ready for such a burden, it may be wise to charter a boat.

The main expenses for the maintenance of a sailing yacht include the following:

  1. Parking in the marina and mooring;
  2. Fuel;
  3. Winter parking, lifting, and launching the boat;
  4. Maintenance of equipment parts and repairs;
  5. System upgrades;
  6. Wages and expenses for the crew;
  7. Routine maintenance.

By calculating the costs of maintaining and caring for your boat throughout the year, you can calculate the approximate cost of each outing on the boat and compare a vacation on the water with other types of recreation.


  • Relatively low speed.
  • Sailing yachts lurch. However, having a modern set of control devices (e.g., sail mounts) allows you to control the roll angle by simply adjusting and balancing the sail area from the cockpit
  • More cumbersome rigging of the yacht. To keep this boat powerful enough to sail in light winds, it needs bigger sails.
  • Displacement or length? Displacement is a measure of volume. Generally speaking, longer length means more comfort when sailing. You may come across a situation where a short heavy bulky boat and a long narrow lighter boat with the same displacement have the same value. We can assure you that the long light boat will sail better and with less lateral roll.

What are the downsides of owning a boat?

If the cost of a yacht suitable for permanent residence is not too high and is comparable to ordinary housing on the shore, then the cost of its maintenance is an order of magnitude higher. For a normal life on a boat, a monthly income of approximately 3,000 euros is required. Only in this case, it is possible to provide yourself with everything you need and maintain the ship in a normal technical condition.

The main problem of the yacht is the reserves that need to be replenished regularly:

  • water,
  • provisions,
  • electricity,
  • sometimes gas,
  • spare parts for repair,
  • fuel for a motor yacht and much more.

Yacht maintenance must be ongoing. Going to sea on a ship with malfunctions is very risky.

In coastal waters, it is quite possible to use mobile communications and the Internet, but on the high seas, the only alternative is satellite communications, which is quite expensive, primarily equipment. Separately, it is worth noting the navigation system, it must be as accurate and modern as possible.

How much should I spend on a boat?

The price of a yacht is made up of many components. The main factor is the length of the body. In addition, this is the engine power, and the type of drive, and the availability of additional equipment, and the degree of customization, and design (internal and external), and, of course, the brand. So the price gradation that we offer should not be taken literally: in each case, you need to take into account a lot of individual conditions.

The final cost of the yacht is significantly affected by additional equipment. Retrofitting with the necessary options can add an average of 10 to 35% to the original price.

The maintenance of a yacht usually costs 10-20% per year of its value. The cost of living on a yacht is made up of:

  • boat insurance
  • routine maintenance of the yacht
  • overhaul and repair of broken equipment
  • parking in marinas and ports, paid buoys and anchorages
  • port and visa fees
  • fuel, gas and water
  • connection

How much do boats depreciate?

The loss in value of new yachts is similar to that of cars. The ship loses 15% of its original value immediately after launching and receiving it by the owner. Over the next four years, the yacht loses another 10% in price every year. Further, the depreciation of the yacht will depend on the operating conditions of the vessel, as well as timely maintenance. With an accident-free sailing of the vessel and carrying out scheduled work in accordance with the regulations, the loss in the price of the yacht will be insignificant.

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