The Comfort 30 sailboat for sale in Tivat, Montenegro



The Comfort 30 sailboat for sale in Tivat, Montenegro

31 ft
Tivat, Montenegro

The Comfort 30 sailboat for sale in Tivat, Montenegro, is a popular vessel known for its comfortable cruising capabilities and reliable performance. Produced in 1977, it has become a well-regarded choice among sailing enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at its key specifications and features:

  • Engine: It is equipped with a Yanmar YSB8 engine. Yanmar is renowned for producing reliable and efficient marine engines, ensuring a smooth and consistent power source for the sailboat.
  • Sail Rigging: The sail rigging includes a roll genoa, which allows for easy and efficient sail handling. This feature enhances maneuverability and makes sailing more enjoyable.
  • Autopilot: The sailboat has a new autopilot system, which adds convenience and safety by automatically steering the boat, relieving the skipper of the constant need for manual steering.
  • Toilet: A new toilet has been installed, offering improved sanitation facilities on board, enhancing comfort during long journeys.
  • GPS: The Comfort 30 sailboat is equipped with a GPS system, providing accurate navigation and positioning information. This helps the skipper plan routes and ensures safe passage on the water.
  • Echo Sounder: An echo sounder is included, enabling the measurement of water depth and assisting with navigation in shallow waters, avoiding potential hazards.
  • Sails: The sail inventory consists of a mainsail, as well as three spare sails and a spinnaker. This range of sails allows for versatile sailing options in different wind conditions and cruising preferences.
  • Battery Isolator: The sailboat features a battery isolator system, separating the service and engine batteries. This helps prevent accidental discharge and ensures a reliable power supply for essential systems.
  • Gas Installation: The Comfort 30 sailboat is equipped with a gas installation, allowing for cooking and heating on board. This adds convenience and versatility to onboard living arrangements.
  • Spray Hood: A spray hood is included, providing protection from wind and spray while sailing. It enhances comfort and keeps the cockpit area more sheltered during adverse weather conditions.

Overall, the Comfort 30 sailboat is a well-rounded vessel designed to provide comfort, performance, and convenience for cruising enthusiasts. With its reliable engine, updated features such as the autopilot and new toilet, and a range of sails and navigational aids, it offers an enjoyable and safe sailing experience.


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