Nordic Folkboat for sale in Estonia

25 ft
Neeme, Harjumaa, Estonia
Nordic Folkboat for sale in Estonia

The Nordic Folkboat for sale in Estonia is a classic sailboat that was designed in the 1940s by the Swedish naval architect Tord Sunden. It was originally intended as a cheap and easy-to-build boat for the post-World War II market, but its popularity quickly spread beyond Scandinavia.

The Nordic Folkboat is a small, versatile boat that is suitable for both racing and cruising. It has a length of 7.68 meters (25 feet) and a beam of 2.20 meters (7 feet). Its design features a full keel, a low freeboard, and a simple rig with a large mainsail and a small jib. The boat is in a very good condition. Nearly need 5hp outboard, need battery, has 100W solar panel.

One of the defining features of the Nordic Folkboat is its seaworthiness. It has a sturdy, heavy build that allows it to handle rough seas and strong winds with ease. Despite its small size, the boat is surprisingly spacious below deck and can accommodate up to four people.

Today, the Nordic Folkboat remains a popular boat for sailors around the world. It is often used for racing, especially in Europe, where it has a strong following. The boat’s classic design and timeless style have also made it a favorite among sailing enthusiasts who appreciate its elegance and simplicity.

Available now, Estonia
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