Smiling 28 a great boat to learn and sail

28 ft
Eydehavn, Norway

Smiling 28 is being sold reasonably, as we have been bitten by the 10-foot bug and want to upgrade. The boat was bought on impulse because we wanted to learn to sail. It’s a great boat to learn and sail in, and it can be sailed by one person alone since all ropes are pulled at the back of the boat. The sails and rigging are in good condition, and the boat was on land and was sanded down and the bottom fabric this spring. It comes with genoa, mainsail, and a spinnaker in good condition, I don’t think anyone has used it.

The inboard motor (saltwater cooled) stopped working this summer, there is salt water coming out of the air intake, so it could be a broken head gasket, cracked head or cracked cylinder, or other things. We chose not to spend the summer trying to find out what caused this, the next owner can choose to screw this up and try to fix it, remove the engine or replace the engine. It is relatively light, and two men easily manage to lift it out. We saved the summer by fitting a homemade rear bracket with an electric start with a long-stemmed 9.9 Suzuki outboard motor. This can be purchased for NOK 10,000, including tank and battery if desired.

In the cabin, there is sleeping space for two in the bow, and two people can sleep in the cabin. Tables to set up outside or inside are also included.

The pantry has a pump with a 12 V pump for the freshwater tank and a gas stove with 2 burners. These are connected to gas hoses at the back of the boat where the gas tank can be left (outside). All of the carpets on the walls and cushions have been cleaned this year.

The boat has an incredible amount of equipment included; it has a fairly new Humminbird chart plotter for which you can buy a chart chip if you wish, with sonar, course, and speedometer. There is a 100 W solar panel and a large battery bank of 3x 110A leisure batteries and 1 pc 65A starter battery. There are lights, USB sockets, and cigarette sockets for cooler bags and charging phones, and other things. A brand new diesel heater (placed outside in the back room) provides good heat in the boat, even on cold and raw days. The boat also has an autopilot.

All in all, the boat appears well maintained and well equipped. We really appreciated the large patio at the back, which makes this a really good-weather boat. This is a very reasonable entrance to both learning to sail and experiencing magical evenings in a sailboat where you can spend the night.

Dock space at Krøgenes in Arendal can be taken over until April 2023.


  • Toilet
  • Cooking appliance
  • 100 Watt portable solar panel (Biltema item no.)
  • 3 pcs 110A leisure batteries
  • 1 pc 65A starter battery
  • Diesel heater
  • Autopilot
  • Chartplotter w/chart chip (shows speed, course, depth w/alarm)
  • 8 kg bowl anchor
  • Battery charger
  • Fenders and ropework


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