Sessa Oyster 20 + Yamaha 200F + boat trailer for sale in Greece

20 ft
Greece, Lefkada

The Sessa Oyster 20, manufactured in the year 1997, is a classic and timeless vessel that exudes elegance and performance. This Italian-made boat is known for its quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, making it a favorite among boating enthusiasts of its time.

The Sessa Oyster 20 boasts a sleek and stylish exterior design that showcases its sporty yet sophisticated character. Its white fiberglass hull is complemented by carefully crafted lines and contours, creating a visually appealing and aerodynamic profile. The boat’s overall length is 5.95 meters, providing a balanced size for various water activities.

Despite its compact size, the boat is designed to maximize space and comfort. The cockpit area features well-padded seating, allowing passengers to relax and enjoy the ride. The helm station is thoughtfully positioned, offering the captain excellent visibility and easy access to the boat’s controls. The boat’s bow area provides additional seating and sunbathing space, making it perfect for soaking up the sun or enjoying a leisurely day on the water.

Powering the Sessa Oyster 20 is a Yamaha 200F engine known for its reliability and performance. With 200 horsepower, this engine ensures a thrilling and responsive ride, making it suitable for a range of water activities such as waterskiing, wakeboarding, or simply cruising at high speeds. The boat’s hull design contributes to a smooth and stable ride, even in choppy waters.

A convenient boat trailer is included in the purchase. This trailer allows for easy transport and storage of the Sessa Oyster 20, making it a versatile option for those who like to explore different waterways and locations. Whether you’re heading to a nearby lake, river, or coastal destination, the trailer simplifies the process of getting your boat there.

Available now, Greece
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