Sailing boat Bostrom 31 MK2 for sale

31 ft
Asker, Norway

Bostrøm 31 MK 2 for sale. It is a boat that has given me a lot of joy and experiences and which, at times, has performed beyond all expectations. It has been in my possession since the autumn of 2017. And some different maintenance and upgrades have been done that time.

An overhauled Yanmar 2GM20F from 2000 was put in in May 2016. During the installation, a new axle, Radice water-lubricated stuffing box, bow fitting/cutless bearing, and Centaflex flexible coupling were bought and installed. The latter reduces noise from the drivetrain and provides smooth gear changes. 50A Dynamo was purchased and installed in June 2016.

There is a lot of electricity in the boat, and some may need a review. A 100w Monocrystalline solar panel, a German one, has an efficiency of 22%, which is considered good in the solar world. It charges batteries and can also keep the fridge running on sunny days.

There are several USB outlets and cigarette lighter outlets to connect all of the chargers, if not, there is a 1000w inverter with pure sine that can be used with a 230v plug, this is not connected as of now, but is fitted in the boat. There are onboard sockets that can be connected to the inverter or a cable from shore.

It is an inverter (pure sine) that can be used to drive all 230v equipment within 1000W.

There is a masthead rig, I think the top of the mast is around 12.8m above the water, Furlex furling system from Selden to the genoa, and mainsail with winches from nordic sails. The mainsail is in fairly good condition, the genoa was bought used a couple of years ago. May need a little more customization. But works very well.

There are red spirit plate tops in the boat, which are hidden under the worktop. Works perfectly fine for cooking. Otherwise, there is a great little grill in the boat that can be tied to the row at the back, the chart table works great as an extra bench if you cook a lot of food.

The boat has pressurized water, a tap, and a sink in the bathroom and kitchen. There is a shower at the bathing platform with a long hose with many uses. The boat has a toilet at the front with a door to the salon. Septic tank of 40l, age is unknown.

The boat has small damage to the rear railing on the starboard side.

We have had this boat now for 4 seasons and had many nice trips with it. Along the way, we have done some renovation and maintenance, all the woodwork inside was sanded and oiled last year, so the boat looks very nice. but it needs a little overhaul. The boat has been in a bubble harbor last winter and needs to be taken up to clean up underneath and add new bottom material before next season.

The price can be discussed.

The boat is located in Asker


Teak deck, Front anchor, Dredge, Foresail x2, Mainsail, Jib, some different ropes, and 8 fenders, radio with Bluetooth

If you are a new owner and want to put up your boat for sale contact us- this is possible!

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