German quality sailing boat Dehler 36 for sale

36 ft
Vanersborg, Sweden

The Dehler 36 is a popular sailing yacht, renowned for its versatility and performance. The boat offers an excellent blend of speed, comfort and maneuverability, making it the ideal choice for both racing and cruising alike. Its deep keel delivers optimal stability in challenging conditions and helps to ensure the boat’s safety at sea. The hull design is also aerodynamic and lightweight, providing responsive handling in both light winds and heavy seas. Additionally, the boat is equipped with an array of features designed to maximize convenience while on board. These include a spacious cockpit with comfortable seating, plenty of room for storage below decks, as well as a generous selection of navigation instruments including GPS chart plotters and autopilot controls.

The Dehler 36 boasts impressive speeds due to its efficient hull shape; it has achieved successes in regattas around Europe and can easily outpace many larger vessels in light wind conditions. The boat also offers great value for money; it comes fitted out with all the necessary fittings, plus extras such as an extended cabin roof for additional shelter when needed. Owners benefit from low maintenance costs due to the use of quality materials throughout construction which are designed to withstand long-term wear-and-tear. Furthermore, the boat has been developed over many years by experienced engineers who have taken into account feedback from users worldwide when designing this modern yacht – meaning that anyone who purchases one will have access to quality craftsmanship built upon decades of experience.

An opportunity to acquire a Dehler 36 -90 with engine Yanmar 28hp -90, mainsail, (kevlar) jib and storm jib – 2000. Shaft with two-blade folding. The boat has been sailed in recent years on Lake Vänern. An equipped sailboat with the usual instruments, plotter and stereo, radar, refrigerator with freezer compartment, longitudinal kitchen with gas stove, gas oven, solar panel, toilet space, 6 berths, two aft cabins, forepeak and saloon that can be converted into a bed.

The boat is in good condition and is being sold on behalf of the customer. Engine is delivered serviced upon delivery. A sailboat with good sailing characteristics in combination with family cruising for holidays. Right now very affordable. The boat is offered space in the winter harbor if desired and according to ök.

The boat is located in Vänersborg on Vänern’s southern shore.

Status: The boat is sold
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3 Comments. Leave new

  • Tayfun Günaydın
    December 26, 2022 1:14 pm

    hello, I examined your boat with what you wrote here and a few photos, please send me an external video.
    under the headboards showing the interior
    condition of engine mounts
    condition of release joints
    videos and photos showing the condition of the electronics cables
    how many hours is the engine
    When was the boat last landed and fully serviced?
    When was the last time the sail crucible and the istalia strings were changed?
    Has this boat ever crashed, crashed, flooded, submerged, or broken?
    Is there a survey report of the sailing boat?
    If there is an agreement, is the boat at the level to be opened to the ocean or does it need maintenance, if there is such a case, how much is the maintenance fee approximately? can I get answers to all of my questions, thank you
    May your seas and winds be easy

  • Scott Mombourquette
    December 26, 2022 2:28 pm

    Looking for more information on the boat similar to the previous post. Thanks

  • Please forward information same as the previous inquiries.
    Thank you


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