Warrior 35 sailboat for sale in Spain, Tenerife

35 ft
Spain, Tenerife

The Warrior 35 boat, manufactured in 1977, is a classic sailing yacht that epitomizes the spirit of traditional cruising vessels. Known for its sturdy construction and reliable performance, this vessel has gained a loyal following among sailing enthusiasts.

Measuring approximately 35 feet in length, the Warrior 35 boasts a timeless design characterized by graceful lines, a moderate sheer, and a pronounced bow that slices through the water effortlessly. Its robust fiberglass hull, often finished with a gleaming gel coat, ensures durability and longevity, making it suitable for various weather conditions and sea states.

The deck layout of the Warrior 35 is well thought out and optimized for ease of handling. It features a spacious cockpit that provides ample room for crew members to maneuver comfortably. The cockpit is equipped with strategically placed winches and control lines, enabling efficient sail handling and trimming. The helmsman station offers excellent visibility, allowing for precise steering and navigation.

Below deck, the Warrior 35 offers a warm and inviting interior, typically crafted with fine teak woodwork. The layout typically includes a comfortable saloon with a dining area and seating that can convert into additional berths if needed. The galley has essential amenities, including a stove, sink, and storage space for provisions. The boat typically offers sleeping accommodations for up to six people, distributed across a forward cabin, an aft cabin, and convertible saloon berths.

Powering the Warrior is an onboard Mercedes OM636 engine, delivering a reliable 42 horsepower. To assist with navigation and control, the boat is equipped with a Windwane Aries, a renowned self-steering system. The Warrior boasts a furling jib, which enhances convenience and ease of handling. A rolling boom is also installed on the boat, further enhancing sail handling and ease of reefing.

In terms of anchoring, the Warrior is equipped with two anchors, each accompanied by 30 meters of chain and 30 meters of line. The boat is equipped with two main sails and two jib sails, offering flexibility in sail configurations depending on the wind conditions.

For power generation, the boat features a Honda generator, ensuring a reliable source of electricity on board. Communication equipment includes an XM DSC radio, facilitating communication with other vessels and emergency services. Additionally, a radio telex Weatherman system is installed, providing weather updates and forecasts to aid in voyage planning.

To enhance safety and navigation, the boat is equipped with a radar system, allowing for the detection of other vessels, land masses, and potential hazards in low visibility conditions.

Nav lights are installed to ensure visibility during nighttime or low-light situations, enabling other vessels to identify the Warrior and navigate accordingly.

Although the boat has no toilet installed or a water bag, these can be added or modified based on personal preferences and requirements.

The Warrior comes with an Avon dinghy, capable of accommodating up to six people. The dinghy also includes an electric engine, providing a convenient means of transportation when anchored or exploring shallow waters.

To power various electrical systems on board, the boat features two batteries—one dedicated to the engine and the other for house use.

Despite the fact that the boat is currently in not very good condition, with a little work and investment, it can turn into a real gem. It is important to remember that repairing and upgrading a boat is a process that takes time, patience, and skill. However, with due diligence and love for sailing, you can transform this boat into something truly magnificent.

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