Salona 40 for sale in Croatia

40 ft
Croatia, Pula

The Salona 40 for sale in Croatia, crafted in the year 2005, is a meticulously maintained sailboat that stands as a testament to both performance and elegance. This vessel is a turnkey option for sailing enthusiasts, as it only requires a new antifouling to be fully prepared for the next adventure on the water.

Equipped with a comprehensive set of features, this sailboat is ready to set sail with minimal additional investment. The absence of radar does not compromise its functionality, as it comes fully loaded with all other essential equipment needed for a seamless sailing experience.

The sail inventory is impressive, comprising not only the mainsail and genoa but also a spinnaker, gennaker, and storm jib. This diverse range of sails ensures adaptability to various wind and sea conditions, making it an ideal choice for sailors who appreciate versatility in their journeys.

Included in the package is a bayboat, offering additional convenience and flexibility for exploring coastal areas or reaching shore in more confined spaces. The new Hidea 6hp engine further enhances maneuverability and serves as a reliable auxiliary power source when needed.

With its timeless design, comprehensive equipment, and the convenience of a bayboat and a new engine, the Salona 40 is an attractive option for those seeking a ready-to-sail solution. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a newcomer to the world of sailing, this sailboat promises an exhilarating and hassle-free experience on the open waters.

The vessel is private.

The marina in Pula is paid for until December 2024.

VAT paid

Croatian flag

Available now, Croatia
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