Sailboat Parker 31 lift keel for sale

31 ft
Italy, Corsica

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The Parker 31 sailboat is a versatile and well-equipped sailing yacht built in 1989. With a length of 31 feet and a lift keel, it offers the advantage of accessing shallower waters, allowing for more exploration and versatility in cruising. This sailboat is designed to provide comfort and practicality for extended sailing journeys.
The interior of the Parker 31 boasts two cabins, providing ample sleeping space for a small crew or family. The cabin is equipped with the necessary amenities, including a toilet with a shower, ensuring a comfortable onboard experience during extended voyages.
Powering this sailing vessel is a reliable Yanmar engine, which ensures a steady and smooth ride even when wind conditions are not optimal. The folding screw further enhances the boat’s performance by reducing drag and improving overall efficiency.
One of the standout features of the Parker 31 sailboat is its tiller steering, which provides a more direct connection between the helmsperson and the boat’s response, giving a traditional and authentic sailing experience.
In terms of sail inventory, this yacht comes with two mainsails and a light sail, providing options for various wind conditions. Additionally, it offers four jibs, all in good condition, allowing for a variety of sail configurations to suit different sailing situations.
Safety is a top priority on this sailboat, as evidenced by the presence of two life vests, three batteries, and two fire extinguishers. The six Harken winches make handling the sails and managing lines more manageable, even for a smaller crew.
The onboard hot water heater adds a touch of luxury, providing warm showers and making life at sea more comfortable. For leisure activities while anchored, the new inflatable boat with a Mercury 3.5 horsepower motor offers opportunities for exploration and transportation to and from shore.
The sailboat’s eco-friendliness is evident with the use of solar panels, which keep the new 340-ampere batteries charged, reducing the reliance on conventional power sources and making the boat more sustainable for extended trips.
Regarding registration, this Parker 31 sailboat is registered in Poland, which can be convenient for sailing in European waters and exploring the beautiful coastlines and islands the region has to offer.
Overall, the Parker 31 sailboat presents an excellent opportunity for sailing enthusiasts looking for a well-maintained and feature-rich vessel capable of taking them on exciting sailing adventures in various locations. Its comfortable interior, quality sail inventory, safety features, and eco-conscious design make it a compelling option for anyone seeking to embrace the freedom and beauty of life at sea.

What is done

  • Hot water connected.
  • The connection with the shaft and the hull of the yacht has been replaced.
  • Fridge connected
  • Diesel tanks reconnected
  • Three new batteries
  • 3 new solar panels.
  • There is a new generator but the old one is still working
  • The electrics is working.
  • Rigging is in excellent condition.
  • Sails are in excellent condition- one new mansail and 4 jibs
  • There is also a spinnaker.
  • Hull underwater part: the boat was lifted twice in 6 months, everything is painted, primer, anti-fouling.
  • All kingstones and kingston valves were replaced.
  • Two life rafts one for two people and the second for 6 people

What should be done

  • Cosmetic repairs to the wooden parts and the cockpit.
  • It is necessary to clean the stationary diesel tank.
actual, Italy

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The Company offers reliable information about the boat for review but cannot guarantee that the owner has provided complete and precise details about the vessel’s condition in good faith. We recommend the buyer contact the professionals for an independent inspection of the boat before purchase. The boat is offered for pre-sale, cancellation of the transaction or price change is subject to discussion or revocation without prior notice.

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