Sailboat Parker 31 for sale

31 ft
France, Corsica

The Parker 31 for sale, built in 1993, is a versatile and well-maintained sailing boat that combines practical features with reliable performance. This lift keel yacht boasts a thoughtful two-cabin layout, providing comfortable accommodation for extended cruising or weekend getaways. The vessel is powered by a Yanmar engine and features tiller steering for precise control.


The boat’s amenities include a hot water heater, a recently added dinghy boat with a Mercury 3.5 hp motor, and solar panels with a substantial battery capacity of 340 amperes.

The recent upgrades and maintenance efforts have significantly enhanced the boat’s functionality. Hot water connectivity, replacement of the connection between the shaft and hull, fridge installation, and reconnection of diesel tanks showcase the owner’s commitment to keeping the boat in top condition. Three new batteries and three additional solar panels, along with a new generator, contribute to a robust electrical system.

The yacht’s rigging and sails are in excellent condition, featuring a new mainsail and four jibs, with the added bonus of a spinnaker for enhanced sailing options. The underwater hull has been diligently maintained, having been lifted and painted twice in the last six months, including primer and anti-fouling applications. All kingstones and kingston valves have been replaced to ensure optimal performance.

Safety is paramount, with the inclusion of two life rafts—one for two people and another for six people—providing peace of mind during offshore adventures.

While the Parker 31 is in great shape, some cosmetic improvements are suggested for the wooden parts and the cockpit. Additionally, a routine cleaning of the stationary diesel tank is recommended to maintain the boat’s overall condition.

Polish flag, the VAT has been paid, ensuring a hassle-free ownership experience.
Overall, the Parker 31 from 1993 is a well-equipped, well-maintained sailing vessel that offers a combination of performance, comfort, and safety for sailors looking to explore the seas with confidence.

Status: The boat is sold
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2 Comments. Leave new

  • Françoise Viallefond
    February 13, 2024 8:48 pm

    Why has the underwater hull been painted twice in 6 months? How do you lift the keel?
    What about the anchor, can you lift it electrically or manually ?

    • Hello. The keel does not lift; the hydraulic hose needs to be replaced.
      Manual anchor windlass.
      The boat was actually lifted and painted twice.
      To go across the ocean.


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