Ocean 60 for sale in South Africa

60 ft
South Africa, Pinetown
Ocean 60 for sale

The OCEAN 60, constructed by Southern Ocean Shipyard in Poole, UK, stands as a testament to enduring craftsmanship, presenting itself in impeccable condition. Built in 1983, this vessel spans a length of 18.29 meters, with a waterline length of 14.33 meters, a beam of 4.72 meters, and a draft of 2.39 meters, all fashioned from durable G.R.P. material. 

With its spacious layout, the OCEAN 60 boasts 4 cabins and 3 heads, offering ample accommodation for extended voyages. The cockpit, strategically positioned aft on the deck, ensures optimal visibility and maneuverability for the crew.

This yacht epitomizes robustness, having been constructed to Loyds A1 specifications by a renowned shipyard, rendering it suitable for extensive ocean cruising across various latitudes. The standing rigging underwent a thorough overhaul in 2020 by a professional rigger, though the precise age of the wires and terminals remains undisclosed. However, a comprehensive rigging inspection and insurance report conducted by Warren Fraser of Action Rigging in Cape Town in September 2023 attested to the vessel’s structural integrity, with no signs of abnormal wear and tear observed during a visual inspection at deck level.

Available now, South Africa
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