Flying Tiger sailboat for sale in California, United States



Flying Tiger sailboat for sale in California, United States

33 ft
United States, California

The Flying Tiger 33 is a high-performance boat designed for speed, particularly in light winds. With a Sail Area-to-Displacement ratio (SA/D) of 31, it boasts exceptional acceleration and velocity, surpassing the capabilities of many catamarans.

Featuring a spacious cockpit, the Flying Tiger offers ample room for the crew to maneuver comfortably during sailing adventures. The boat comes equipped with a 9HP outboard (not yet installed), which can be replaced with an optional electric outboard engine. Additionally, it is equipped with a VHF radio for effective communication while on the water.

The boat is designed with wireless data capabilities, allowing for seamless connectivity and the utilization of various electronic navigation and communication systems. Its interior can accommodate 4 to 6 individuals, providing sleeping quarters for extended trips or overnight stays.

The Flying Tiger is equipped with two sets of sails, one specifically tailored for racing and the other for cruising. This versatile sail setup ensures optimal performance and adaptability to different sailing conditions, whether you’re seeking exhilarating speed or a more leisurely experience on the water.

actual, USA

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The Company offers reliable information about the boat for review but cannot guarantee that the owner has provided complete and precise details about the vessel’s condition in good faith. We recommend the buyer contact the professionals for an independent inspection of the boat before purchase. The boat is offered for pre-sale, cancellation of the transaction or price change is subject to discussion or revocation without prior notice.

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