Carter 42 for sale

42 ft
Guatemala, Rio Dulce

The Carter 42 for sale, built in 1981, is a robust and swift sailboat designed for long-distance voyages across oceans. Despite its age, it boasts simplicity and reliability without compromising on performance.

Having been meticulously prepared for a transatlantic journey in 2022, this vessel is equipped with modern amenities to ensure a smooth and safe passage. All critical components, such as rigging, the jib furler, batteries, and the engine heat exchanger, were upgraded just two years ago, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency.

Featuring two spacious cabins—one located in the bow and another in the stern—along with a comfortable living room and kitchen area, the Carter 42 offers ample storage space for extended voyages. The interior layout is designed for both comfort and functionality, allowing for a pleasant onboard experience even during extended periods at sea.

Powering this vessel is a robust YANMAR 75 HP 4JH3-TE engine, meticulously maintained to ensure reliability in all conditions. With 4 x 12V 110A AGM batteries—dedicated for both motor and service—and supplemented by two 150W solar panels installed in 2021, the Carter 42 is equipped for autonomous power generation, enabling extended periods of off-grid sailing.

Sail-wise, the boat is equipped with two mainsails and two jibs on furlers, all of which have been utilized but remain serviceable for many more nautical miles. The ropes are in good condition, contributing to the overall reliability and performance of the vessel.

The hull of the Carter 42 has been diligently maintained, with preventative measures taken against osmosis by sanding it down to the fiber and readying it for anti-osmosis epoxy treatment. Additionally, the boat is equipped with an Aries Wind Pilot for autonomous navigation assistance, enhancing the overall sailing experience.

Electronics onboard include essential equipment such as a depth sounder, VHF radio, and bilge pump, ensuring safety and communication capabilities while at sea.

In summary, the Carter 42 from 1981 is a seaworthy and dependable sailboat meticulously prepared for long-distance voyages with a focus on simplicity, reliability, and performance.

If you are looking for a simple and safe boat that sails very well, this could be yours. In case you are looking for a little more comfort with a little work and investment, it could also be your future boat 🙂

Located in Rio Dulce of Guatemala.

  • Material: fiberglass
  • Length: 12.7 m
  • Beam: 3.9m
  • Draft: 2.2
  • Electricity: 4 x 12 V 110A AGM batteries, one for motor and 3 for service.
  • 2 solar panels of 150 W each. Installed in Barcelona in 2021.
  • Sails: 2 mainsails, 2 jibs on furler. Used but still have many miles to go
  • Ropes: In good condition.
  • Aries Wind Pilot.
  • 2 through-hulls (2022): 1 for the engine and another for the sink.
  • Electronics: depth sounder, VHF, and bilge pump.


Caribbean, Guatemala
Status: The boat is sold
If you are a new owner and want to put up your boat for sale contact us- this is possible!
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