2019 Bavaria 51 Cruiser for sale Turkey

51 ft
Turkey, Marmaris
Bavaria 51 Cruiser for sale

The Bavaria 51 Cruiser 2019 is a luxurious and spacious sailing yacht that combines elegance with high-performance sailing capabilities. Powered by a Volvo engine boasting 75 horsepower with a usage history of 1400 hours, this vessel ensures reliable and efficient cruising on the open seas.

Designed for comfort and accommodation, the yacht features an impressive layout with a total of 5 cabins, providing ample space for family and friends. The cabins are well-appointed and thoughtfully designed to offer a comfortable retreat, creating a home-away-from-home experience.

To enhance the overall convenience on board, the yacht is equipped with 3 toilets and 2 bathrooms, ensuring that occupants have access to private and well-maintained facilities. This attention to detail reflects Bavaria’s commitment to providing a high standard of living aboard their vessels.

The Bavaria 51 Cruiser 2019 is not only about comfort but also boasts modern and innovative features. The electric platform adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing easy access to the water for swimming or boarding tenders. Additionally, the inclusion of a bow thruster enhances maneuverability in tight spaces, making docking and navigating in various conditions a breeze. The boat is fully equipped except for a generator and air conditioner. The sails are in good condition.

Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a novice looking for a comfortable and well-equipped yacht, the Bavaria 51 Cruiser 2019 offers a blend of performance, style, and functionality, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a memorable and enjoyable sailing experience.

Polish flag.

Available now, Turkey
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