2008 Beneteau 43 for sale in Greece

43 ft
Greece, Athens

The Beneteau 43 for sale in Greece is a versatile and well-maintained vessel equipped with four cabins, making it suitable for accommodating a group of people comfortably. This sailboat is in perfect condition, ready to set sail for various adventures. Previously used for charter purposes with the owner as the skipper, it had the Greek flag until September 2023. During this charter period, the boat underwent all the necessary inspections, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

The sailboat features a reliable Yanmar motor with 3500 hours of service, meticulously maintained and in excellent condition. Currently, in dry dock, the boat has been used only for five months per year, indicating careful usage and preservation. The sails are in good condition, promising an enjoyable and efficient sailing experience. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a charter enthusiast, the Beneteau 43 offers a comfortable and well-equipped option for maritime adventures.

Flag: San Marino

VAT not paid.

Available now, Greece
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