1979 Sailboat Morgan 382 for sale in Miami, US

38 ft
United States, Miami

The Morgan 382, built in 1979, is a well-maintained sailing vessel with several upgraded features, making it an attractive option for sailors seeking a combination of classic design and modern amenities. Here’s a description of its key specifications:

  • Recently installed Yanmar 54 horsepower motor, providing reliable and efficient power for smooth sailing experiences, 340 hours.
  • New 600W Renology solar panels for sustainable and eco-friendly energy generation.
  • Three new Victron MPPT controllers to efficiently manage solar power input.
  • New Victron Cerbo GX with display for advanced monitoring and control of the electrical system.
  • New 410 Amp hours Lithium Ion house battery bank for extended power storage.
  • New 200 Amp hour engine starter batteries for reliable engine ignition.
  • Marine air conditioning unit with 1600 BTU capacity, enhancing onboard comfort.
  • Next Gen Diesel Generator with 3.5 KWH capacity, well-maintained with 300 hours of usage and a recent fresh oil change and filter.
  • Prosine 2000W Inverter Charger for converting and managing electrical power efficiently.

Sails and Rigging:

  • Sails and rigging are in great condition, ensuring optimal performance while sailing.
  • An additional, like-new head sail provides flexibility in handling different sailing conditions.
  • New marine blue sail cover for added protection and aesthetics.
  • The deck exhibits no soft spots or moisture issues, indicating a well-preserved and structurally sound vessel.
  • A new Force 10 propane stove, ordered from Defender Industries, enhances the galley for cooking convenience and functionality.

In summary, the Morgan 382 from 1979 offers a blend of classic design and modern upgrades. With a new Yanmar motor, advanced solar power and battery systems, a well-maintained generator, and various other improvements, this sailboat is well-equipped for comfortable and sustainable cruising. The excellent condition of the sails, rigging, and deck further enhances its appeal, making it a desirable choice for those looking for a reliable and updated sailing experience.

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