1979 Lancer 39 sailboat for sale

39 ft

Fast and Fourios on the Sea, 3 sails, Yanmar Engine and special deal with the sleep place.

The Lancer 39 is an iconic sailboat, renowned for its classic lines and performance. It has been in production since the late 1960s, and continues to be a favorite among sailors of all skill levels. Whether you are looking for a fast racer or a comfortable cruiser, the Lancer 39 is sure to impress with its sleek design and superior sailing capabilities.

The Lancer 39 is designed to offer exceptional performance while still being easy to handle. Its hull shape provides ample stability in heavy seas, allowing it to stay on course even when facing challenging conditions. The boat also features well-balanced sails that provide plenty of power without sacrificing maneuverability or speed. To enhance sailing performance, this sailboat is fitted out with roller furling sails, self-tailing winches, lazy jacks and stainless steel standing rigging. The hull of the Lancer 39 is constructed using high-grade fiberglass materials that make it incredibly strong and durable, allowing it to take on the harshest conditions with ease. On deck, this sailboat features an expansive cockpit with a large wheel giving the skipper excellent control over the vessel’s movements. Additionally, its long keel provides excellent stability and control when sailing in any kind of sea state. Furthermore, its large genoa furling system gives great versatility for reefing in strong winds or when shortening sail in lighter breezes. Additionally, it also includes several navigation equipment options such as autopilot, depth sounder and GPS chart plotter. All these features come together to create smooth sailing capability coupled with comfort and convenience – making the Lancer 39 an excellent choice for daysailing or extended cruising journeys alike!

In addition to great sailing characteristics, the interior of the Lancer 39 offers plenty of space for comfort and convenience at sea. Overall, the Lancer 39 is an ideal choice for those seeking comfort, style and performance from their sailboat. Whether you’re planning to circumnavigate distant oceans or just cruise around local waters, this boat will take you there in safety and style!

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